Standing Seam

Superior Metal Roofing & Siding Products

Wagler Metal Sales’ galvalume metal product line includes a wide variety of wall and roof panels. Because we manufacture every roofing and siding panel on-site, we can custom design and fabricate your order, usually within 24-hours if the color is in stock.

Every panel we manufacture is made from premium 29-gauge galvalume metal, a coated metal similar to galvanized steel that adds sophistication and subtle appeal to any home with it’s matte finish. Each panel is 36” wide, with main ribs spaced 9” apart.

custom sheet metal in fort wayne IN
A sheet of metal on wood.

Extreme Weather & Friction Protection With Wagler Metal Sales

In addition to providing same-day, custom manufactured galvalume metal roofing and siding. Wagler Metal Sales strives to provide customers with the best when it comes to harsh elements. That is why every panel we manufacture comes coated with Sherwin Williams Coil Coatings-Weather XL .

Thinner than a strand of hair, but extremely resistant to abrasion, chalking, fading, chipping, or scratching, WeatherXL is a specially formulated, silicone-modified polyester coating designed to withstand even the harshest abuse from wind, rain, sun, and more. In a scratch test, WeatherXL had better scratch resistance than other coatings when scratched with a diamond stylus.

Weather XL comes in a wide variety of popular colors and finishes, and can be applied directly on top of galvalume metal, creating a colorful, lasting impression:

  • 12 textured finishes – Textured finish is a matte textured finish without a high gloss shine (preferred for residential applications). Comes in rustic red, charcoal, burnished slate, forest green, burgundy, and black.
  • 22 high gloss finishes – Black, burnished slate, charcoal, pewter, taupe, gray, stone, burgundy, forest green, evergreen, brown, tan, bright white, polar white, ocean blue, gallery blue, rustic red, crimson red, and copper metallic.

(Panels are also available in original galvalume, with no extra color coating added.)

All of our metal roofing and siding products come with a 40-year limited paint warranty. 

gray galvalume metal panels

Benefits of Metal Roofing & Siding

  • Longevity – Unpainted galvalume has a lifespan up to 40 years. Compare that to traditional shingles, which typically have to be replaced every 15-20 years.
  • ENERGY STAR rated.
  • Extremely resistant to wind, rain, snow, hail, and other harsh elements.
  • Initial higher costs made up for with longer life and low maintenance.
  • Reflective properties help cool buildings in the summer.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
Some samples of trim designs.

Standing Seam

This panel is designed with hidden fasteners on both panel and trim.

26 ga.
Available in most of our colors.
Concealed Fasteners.
15” coverage.
1 1/2” rib height

For more information about our residential metal roofing or siding systems, please call Wagler Metal Sales today at (765) 461-1918. We serve both contractors and retail customers.