Commercial Metal Panels In Fort Wayne, IN

Wagler Metal Sales’ galvalume metal product line includes a wide variety of siding and roofing panels. Because we manufacture every custom metal panel on-site, we can custom design and fabricate your order, typically within 24-hours if the color is in stock.

Every panel we manufacture is made from premium 29-gauge galvalume metal, a coated metal similar to galvanized steel, that adds sophistication and subtle appeal to any home or business with its' matte finish. Each panel is 36” wide, with main ribs spaced 9” apart.

One of our custom metal machines. Custom metal panels in Fort Wayne, IN

Wagler Metal Sales offers a complete line of metal trim that can be manufactured to match or complement your metal siding or roofing panels. Similar to our custom manufactured roof panels and siding, each trim panel is produced from galvalume metal to meet the superior strength and durability requirements of our clients.

We produce the following custom metal trim pieces on our in-house roll former. If you don’t see what you need, just ask! Because we roll your trim pieces on-site, we can design and fabricate just about anything, usually in less than 24 hours!

  • Corner & Rake
  • Double J
  • Drip Edge
  • Fascia
  • Inside Corner
  • J Channel
  • Samples of different trim designs. 1
  • Residential Mini Corner
  • Overhead Door Trim
  • Ratguard
  • Lower-Gambrel Trim
  • Wainscote Trim
  • Sidewall Flashing
  • Custom metal roofing panels in Muncie, IN
  • Snow Guard
  • Upper-Gambrel Trim
  • Valley
  • Ridge
  • Transition Trim
  • Plus more....
  • custom metal trim bender


    In addition to providing same-day, custom manufactured metal roofing and siding. Wagler Metal Sales strives to provide customers with the best when it comes to harsh elements. That is why every panel we manufacture comes coated with Valspar WeatherXL.

    Thinner than a strand of hair, but extremely resistant to abrasion, chalking, fading, chipping, and scratching. WeatherXL is a specially formulated, silicone-modified polyester coating designed to withstand even the harshest abuse from wind, rain, sun, and more. In a scratch test, WeatherXL had better scratch resistance compared to other coatings when scratched with a diamond stylus.

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