Wagler Metal Sales is a premier Indiana company that manufactures custom residential and commercial metal roofing and siding. We fabricate metal panels on-site, filling local residents, business owners, and building contractors’ needs for a quick turnaround and competitive prices.

At Wagler Metal Sales, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest-quality product at the best value. We also focus on providing world-class customer support, from start to finish. Call Wagler Metal Sales at (765) 461-1918 or contact us to learn more!

A team member working on a metal roofing and siding project.

The experts at Wagler Metal Sales work hard to create custom-manufactured metal siding and roofing for your residential or commercial project. Our warehouse is filled with the best in modern roll forming equipment, which takes raw metal coils and shapes them into custom panels.

Here is a very simplified overview of our process at Wagler Metal Sales:

1) We work with suppliers who forge proprietary steel and roll it into coils to source our metal. We keep premium, 29-gauge galvalume metal on hand in a variety of colors. Our metal is stored in coils, not stacks, meaning we can custom manufacture panels in continuous lengths of over 100’. Longer panels = fewer seams. Your metal is kept dust- and scratch-free until needed.

Our metal is coated with Valspar WeatherXL, a specially formulated, silicone-modified polyester coating with excellent resistance to wind, rain, sun, abrasion, chalking, fading, scratching, and much more. WeatherXL comes in 2 finishes (glossy or matte) and 19 colors.

2) When we receive an order, we flip a metal roll onto our uncoiler, which feeds your metal of choice into our state-of-the-art roll former.

3) The roll former makes nice, clean factory cuts to your metal, at the exact lengths for your specific project. It also forms the metal into the proper shape for siding or roofing. Every panel we manufacture at Wagler Metal Sales is 36” wide, with main ribs spaced 9” apart.

4) Your metal is ready for pick up or delivery in less than 24 hours and often same-day or while-you-wait, as long as your color of choice is in stock. 

View through a piece of trim.
Some tools of the trade.

Reliable, Quality-Focused Metal Manufacturing Professionals

There are three qualities we pride ourselves on at Wagler Metal Sales:

1) Quality

As your premier residential and commercial metal roofing and siding manufacturer, Wagler Metal Sales focuses on quality and value for our customers. That is why we use only the highest-quality materials and most cutting-edge equipment to custom fabricate your metal roofing or siding.

2) Customer Service

At Wagler Metal Sales, we know that customer service goes hand in hand with high-quality work. That is why utilizing our metal roofing knowledge and superb customer skills to deliver an experience that can’t be beaten. We strive to save you time and money by delivering exceptional same-day service at a great price.

3) Performance

Just because we work fast doesn’t mean the quality of our product is compromised. We work swiftly and are still able to deliver the highest quality product as quickly as possible, in a safe manner.

Four pieces of custom trim.

Wagler Metal Sales serves homeowners, builders, supply companies, contractors, and more with premium metal roofing and siding services throughout the state of Indiana. Call us today at (765) 461-1918 or visit our warehouse at 12257 South 300 East, Kokomo, IN, 46901.